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UCSD's Department of Reproductive Medicine is proud to announce a major, new opportunity for the career development of junior faculty in the area of reproductive medicine.  In September, 1999 the multidisciplinary Women's Reproductive Health Research Career Development Center (WRHR) was established.  The Center is dedicated to developing a cadre of broadly trained, independently funded clinician-scientists investigating key areas of women's health.  Building on basic science research in five emphasis-centers

with eminent mentors, the Center will oversee the Scholars' evolution into mature investigators fully prepared for tenure in prominent research universities.  A two-phase program of supervised, then mentored learning will be supplemented with individualized courses, seminars and tutorials covering 

Unique aspects of the Center include the linkage of Scholars with selected Translational Research Collaborators who will assist Scholars in conducting and publishing research in clinical areas relevant to their basic science focus.  To ensure that all Scholars develop initial competence in modern research techniques, a Teaching Molecular Biology Core Laboratory will be offered, staffed by a senior professor, to provide individualized instruction in essential laboratory procedures.  Throughout the 4-5 year program, the Center's Faculty will conduct ongoing tutorials in which Scholars will build knowledge in the areas of 

Funding is awarded for up to five years.  The Center exists to produce academic clinicians that are experts at research, as well as patient care.  

What Makes the UCSD Program Different

There are twenty such programs around the country.  The reasons, UCSD should be your top choice include:

For more information, read a copy of the NIH Press Announcement.  


RSRCDC is looking for people who fall into the following categories: